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Carol L. Grice, DVM

Dr. Carol Grice started with Fairchild Animal Hospital after graduating with honors from the University Of Illinois School Of Veterinary Medicine in 1998. She started at Fairchild Animal Hospital shortly after that and worked closely with Dr. Schoon as her mentor until he retired in 2012 and she took over management duties at the hospital.

Her main goal is to maintain a good relationship with owners to help their pet’s live happy and healthy lives. She believes strongly in preventative medicine and keeping care affordable to her clients.

Dr. Grice spends her lunch hours mentoring students at DHS and KDBA in order to give back to her community. She also enjoys horseback riding and watching her kids compete in volleyball and basketball.

She resides in Danville with her husband Sean and children Chris & Anna. She also shares her home with 3 dogs, 5 cats, 5 goats, 4 horses and 4 ponies has a couple of salt water aquariums.

Laura L. Bradley, DVM

Dr. Laura Havlin Bradley graduated in 2002 from the University of Illinois School of Veterinary Medicine.

Prior to Veterinary School she worked for Purina Research Laboratories.

Dr. Bradley resides in Oakwood with her husband and two children.

She has a Great Pyrenees named Susie, 2 dobermans, a mini aussie, a yorkie mix & cats.

She enjoys reading and playing games with her children.

Dr. Havlin Bradley is originally from Nashville, Illinois and has been practicing at Fairchild Animal Hospital since May 2002

Michael Witherspoon, DVM

Dr. Michael P. Witherspoon was born in Danville, IL, to proud parents Michael D. and Debra Witherspoon. A Danville native, Michael attended Liberty, East Park, North Ridge, and Danville High Schools (Class of 2002). While he can’t remember the exact time the choice was made, becoming a vet has been his dream from about the age of eleven. Michael obtained his Bachelors of Science in Animal Sciences from The University of Illinois in 2006 and later proceeded to the U of I’s College of Veterinary Medicine to obtain his DVM in 2012. He joined the Fairchild Animal Hospital team in June 2012. Sadly, Michael’s father who had been one of the biggest supporters of Michael’s dreams passed away four months before he could see his son graduate. Michael moved back to Danville to be with his family and friends and serve the pets of the community that helped raise him.

As a child, Michael’s hobbies were reading, biking, comic books, writing, walking his dogs, being in nature, video games, and napping in the sun. In truth not much of that has changed. To unwind Michael likes to walk his dogs or go for long drives. Michael shares his home and his walks with three large dogs; Baldr- a male pit bull mix, Fenris a pit bull mix; He also has cats, Nyha, Laufey, Odin, Sif and Bootsie. Michael also spends a lot of time with his mother’s small pack of chihuahuas and cats.

Dr. Witherspoon has a special interest in behavior and training and their applications in veterinary medicine as well as control over pet overpopulation. He particularly enjoys the opportunity to share stories with clients about their pets and takes pride in trying to educate owners as best as he can about any aspect of their pets care. There is not much else to tell, Dr. Witherspoon is just a quiet nerd with an odd sense of humor who loves animals and his home town, and is looking forward to helping both in any way he can.

(In Memory) Kelli L. Pierce
Office Manager

Hired July 1978-September 1981 & returned 1/1990-March 1, 2020

Our office suffered a huge loss when Kelli passed away after a short illness on March 1, 2020.  For many here, she still remains a part of our clinic, though she is no longer with us, and her presence is felt daily in the huge impact she had on our clinic, and our clients.  We miss her very much.

Kelli was born and raised in Danville by her parents who always allowed her and her brothers to have lots of different animals as they were children. Kelli attended Schlarman High School. Between her sophomore and junior year of high school a very good friend told her about a job opening for a kennel worker at Fairchild Animal Hospital because she had to quit her job there. Dr. Owings and Dr. Schoon hired her at her interview and she was thrilled. Kelli left after 3 years to pursue other jobs and attend college. She graduated from DACC and returned to Fairchild Animal Hospital in 1990. She was the office manager for many years and had many responsibilities.  She was active in almost every part of our clinic.

Allie Saults, CVT
Certified Veterinary Technician

Hired May 2016-present

Allie graduated from the Parkland College Veterinary Technician program in 2017 with her associate’s degree. She passed her State Boards that same year to become a certified veterinary technician. She has been a part of the Fairchild Team since May of 2016.

She grew up with cats, dogs, ducks, chickens and goats. She now has 2 cats of her own and a goofy Pitbull.

Heather Adamcik, CVT
Certified Veterinary Technician

Hired March 1992-October 2014 and returned May 2018-present

Heather Adamcik started at Fairchild on a summer internship with the Parkland Technology Program in 1992. She graduated from that program in 1993 and joined the Fairchild Team full time immediately afterwards.

She worked as a Vet Tech at Fairchild for 22 years and retired from the veterinary profession in 2014. After several other jobs, she returned to Fairchild in 2018 to do what she considers her true calling.

Heather lives in Danville with her husband and son and her gang of pets. She enjoys helping clients ensure their pets have happy and healthy lives.

Mary Mackiewicz
Reception Staff

Hired March 1992-present

Mary started working for Fairchild Animal Hospital in March of 1992. She has learned her skills as a receptionist, assistant and groomer, from many years on the job. She has loved the pets and owners that have walked through the doors at Fairchild Animal Hospital throughout the years.

Mary lives in Fithian with her husband Tony, son Mace and her cats and dogs. She has 3 grown children and 5 grandchildren. They all have love and respect for animals.

Courtney Ringstrom
Office Manager, Veterinary Technician

Hired May 1994-present

Courtney has worked at Fairchild Animal Hospital since 1994 as a freshman in High School. Her goal then was to become a licensed veterinary technician. Between her 3 kids and multiple rescues that has been put on hold. She hopes to still accomplish this eventually.

Because of her many years of experience she is utilized in all areas of the hospital, her favorite being caring for hospitalized patients.
Her free time is spent with her children and their activities and her 4 dogs and 3 cats.

Becky Kuhlmann
Reception Staff

Hired August 2007-present

Becky is a single mother of 3 grown boys and 4 cat furbabies. She is the grandmother of 3 beautiful babies. She began working at Fairchild Animal Hospital in August of 2007.

Besides working with animal she enjoys Nascar, Bear’s football and music.

Sara Hall
Veterinary Technician

Hired April 2012-present

Sara graduated from the Vet Tech Institute of Indianapolis with an associate’s degree as a veterinary technician. She has worked at FAH since April of 2012. She lives in Indiana with her husband, their daughter and 2 mixed breed dogs and a pitbull.

Danyale Auterman
Reception Staff

Hired August 2016-present

Danyale has worked for Fairchild Animal Hospital for almost 2 years. She works up front in the reception area and also helps with exams in the rooms. It has always been a long time dream of hers to work in an animal hospital and what she enjoys most is helping with new puppy exams. (Don’t we all lol) She shares her home with 5 dogs 3 cats and a turtle plus a 14 year old.

Jennifer Clark
Kennel Staff

Hired September 2015-present

Emily Carpenter
Reception Staff, Kennel worker


Aleana Brown

Reception Staff, Kennel Worker